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Two sides of the same coin..once a viking, always a viking.
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Sporran. Leather, Fur and Tassles. Circa 1740’s. “Worn by a Jacobite at The Battle of Culloden, 1746”. Kings Museum. Aberdeen, Scotland.
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Medieval Dances - The Egg Dance
The Egg dance was one of the earliest Saxon Medieval dances and, like the Carole, was performed during a period of festivity namely the Easter-tide festivities. The  egg dance was derived from a traditional Easter game, in the egg dance eggs were laid on the ground or floor and the goal was to dance among them damaging as few eggs as possible.
image: The Egg Dance by  Pieter Brueghel the Younger
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I wanted to share with you our Serbian traditional way of dying Easter eggs - no artificial colors or dyes needed.

Put any leaves you like on the surface of the egg and carefully place them in a stocking. Boil these eggs in water full of onion skins. The result are beautiful, earthly colors and interesting patterns. 

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The Port Wallet is up in the shop. Currently available in Natural, Med Brown, Dark Brown and Mahogany.
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The Clovis
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Scooter couple, 1950s
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Old Cottage Range
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Craters of the Moon National Monument, Idaho, 1921
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Opaque  by  andbamnan